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Legacy Matrix Calculator

Legacy Matrix Calculator

How many people will be in your 3x7 Legacy Matrix? (Maximum 3279)

How many people will you personally enroll who participate in the Legacy Matrix?

On average, how many people will each of your personally enrolled Distributors who are in the Legacy Matrix have under them in their 3x7 Legacy Matrix?

What Rank will you achieve?

Based on the numbers you entered, if you and everyone under you in your Legacy Matrix were in for an entire 12 months, you would earn a Legacy Matrix Bonus of:

Legacy Matrix Commissions $26,000
Matching Bonuses $12,578
TOTAL $38,578

*The Legacy Matrix Calculator is for entertainment purposes only. Neither the company, nor anyone else can accurately predict exactly how many people you will have in your matrix or how long they will participate. This calculation is in no way a guarantee of how much income you will earn in your Legacy Matrix.